Meet Dave

A Web automation assistant

Describe your web task in plain English and Dave will get it done for you. Manage emails, subscriptions, look up news, sports, stocks, all without touching your phone. Everyone should have an assistant like this.

  • OK... username?
  • cooliojones
  • That user name is taken.
  • Can you give me another username
  • Use something similar. You can make up your own password
  • Ok. Created account cooliojones69 for you.
  • Password is saved in your 1Password
  • Great!
  • Should I click the confirmation email?
  • Yes. Always do that for signups
  • Ok it's done. Your account is confirmed.

All you need to get your web tasks done is plain English.

Whether you’re driving, busy cooking dinner, or just don't want to pull out your phone and start navigating UI, all you need to access the power of the web is plain English. Dave completes tasks with minimum fuss -- whether its sending your appointment a message when stuck in traffic, figuring out a good alternative to a missing ingredient or getting your favourite music playing.

Dave, send this message to Justine on Whatsapp: "Running late be there in 10."
Message sent... She says "I am also also running late. Be there around six"
Dave, can you order a pizza for dinner from Tudor's Pizza.
Ok, same order as last time?
What did I order last time?
You ordered a medium cheese pizza with a two litre bottle of coke.
No, I want the large pepperoni pizza. With chicken wings. And diet coke.
On it... pizza ordered. It should arrive by 6:15 at the latest.

Dave can handle complex tasks which it is hasn't been programmed to do.

Because Dave can autonomously navigate and interact with web UI, it is not reliant on third party integrations to interact with services. Anything you could do on the browser Dave can do too. If Dave gets blocked it can interact with you to still complete the task. It is a powerful web automation tool that you script with normal conversation; run, pause, resume and monitor tasks all with zero code.


Everyone should have an assistant like this


All of your data and history of network activity is siloed in your own cloud database which no one can access except you. We do not collect any data or analytics, anonymized or otherwise, from your activity.


Dave uses a password vault to manage and store passwords. 2FA authentication is a requirement of creating an account with us.


If you wish to see a browser playback of Dave's activities in performing a task it is always available to you. You can easily configure which data should be remembered between sessions from an intuitive dashboard.


We aim to make this bot as convenient as possible. Dave will get in touch with you when needed but otherwise requires a mimimum of instructions.

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